Founded in 2001, Des Hamilton Casting’s first project was Lynne Ramsay’s “Morvern Callar” where Kathleen McDermott was discovered in Glasgow city centre. Kathleen, who had never acted previously, went on to star in the film alongside Samantha Morton and won a BAFTA for best newcomer.

The company have continued with great success to cast via a combination of traditional methods (theatrical agents, drama schools etc) and from the street; notably with the casting of Thomas Turgoose in “This is England”, Tom Sweet in “The Childhood of a Leader” and an array of emerging street cast talent in the latest season of “Top Boy” for Netflix.

If a member of our team has approached you, either on the street, via email or through our social media channels please take this opportunity seriously and get in touch. Notable successes we’ve had from ‘street casting’ people who hadn’t acted before include; Thomas Turgoose “This is England”, Kathleen McDermott “Morvern Callar”, Luke Fraser “Bullet Boy”, Tom Sweet “The Childhood of A Leader” and many of the cast of “Top Boy” for Netflix.